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We are surrounded by pathogens every day that could make us sick, but our immune system is there to help us fight off these constant threats. That’s its job. So, it is important that we support our body’s natural healing process so that we are well equipped to fight off viruses and infections. 

With the current pandemic sweeping the globe, now is the time we should really be focusing on taking care of our health, feeling empowered that we can do many things that will strengthen our immune system, to create a strong, healthy foundation to be able to avoid or deal with any viruses that come our way. Full article


We are suffering from a hidden epidemic, one that is contributing to the rise in chronic disease and poor health. This article is not about poor nutrition or lack of exercise, it’s about sleep. Many of us underestimate the importance of sleep and do not realise how crucial it is to overall wellbeing. Poor sleep can have a major impact on health, affecting us both physically and mentally. Even if we are eating well and exercising, if we are not getting adequate, quality sleep, our health may suffer. According to the NHS, one in three of us suffers from poor sleep, which can increase risk of chronic disease and shorten life span. Full article


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