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Our corporate wellness packages help optimise the performance and productivity of your staff.

We provide:

  • Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment 24 hr monitoring

Helps identify factors that affect wellbeing and shows how work, leisure and sleep affect performance.

Enables staff to learn strategies to manage stress effectively, increase productivity, enhance recovery and optimise health. This helps to maximises staff potential through improved employee performance, reduced illness related absenteeism and better staff morale.

  • Individual and group lifestyle assessments

  • Advice on nutrition, sleep optimisation, stress management, physical exercise and performance

  • Professional, personalised feedback

  • Expert health and nutrition advice at an individual or group level

  • Tailored packages to suit you

 Services are delivered at your place of work, virtually, or at our conference
room at St George’s Road Cheltenham


To find out more:

Call: 01242 233500


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