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By testing a wide range of blood markers and also monitoring heart rate variability (HRV), via a 24h wearable monitor, we can build up a picture of your current state of health and see how your body is functioning. This can help to determine whether there are areas that need addressing in order to optimise health and reduce the risk of future health problems. 


Our Health Check includes:

  • A comprehensive blood test which looks at 76 different markers and covers:

    • Functional Body Systems

    • Accessory Systems

    • Macronutrient Status

    • Nutrient Deficiencies

    • Health Improvement

    • Clinical Dysfunctions 

  • Detailed results and analysis

  • Comprehensive health questionnaire

  • 5 day Lifestyle assessment and HRV monitoring

  • Personalised report

  • 1 x 1h 30 mins consultation to go through results and basic recommendations

Comprehensive health check - £695

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